1996 Civic Vibration While Accelerating

I have this problem, I hope someone can help. I have this vibration that occurs while I am accelerating. If I back off of the gas it goes away, it’s not really noticeable until I hit about 60 then it goes away at about 75. I’ve replaced the tire and had an alignment done. Any ideas?

That is very characteristic of a bad front axle/halfshaft joint. How many miles are on this car, and has it ever had its front axles replaced?

I replaced the drivers side when I changed the struts because the boot was ripped. It has about 153,000 miles on it.

Well, seeing as how I don’t know when the struts were replaced, that doesn’t provide a whole lot of info. How many miles ago was that?

In any case, if the passenger’s side has 153K on it I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the pass side axle is due.

The other thing, though, is that many axles replacements these days are rebuilds - and the quality is often terrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “new” axle is bad.

I replaced the struts maybe 5000 miles ago. THe car has been doing it for a while. I will try replacing the passenger axle and see how that works. Thank you for the advic.

If the vibration pre-dates the new driver’s side axle then I wouldn’t worry about it - but if not, don’t assume that the “new” axle doesn’t have a problem.

I think that the axles are a good bet, but you should also give all of your motor and transmission mounts a very close inspection.