2006 Toyota RAV4 VSC light



While driving, vsc light came on and engine temporarily lost power. Vsc light was on but went out when Enpgine power returned.


VSC == vehicle stability control. That system will automatically disable and the dash warning light turn on if the computer detects any of a number of serious engine malfunctions. The reason is b/c the VSC system requires a well-functioning engine to do its job properly & safely. No VSC just means your car is like any car built before VSC’s became common, pre-circa 2000 in other words. The engine power may have decreased due to the engine problem the computer detected, or it may have purposely programmed to go into reduce power mode until the problem was rectified for either engine protection or occupant protection reasons. So the key to solving this problem is determining what engine malfunction was detected. That should show up in the computer’s diagnostic codes. So have them read out by your shop. If you post them here, you’ll likely get some ideas what’s up. Or you can just wait to see if the VSC light turns back on again. It’s possible you just got a little bad gas, and that was the cause. Good idea to check all the engine compartment fluid levels however.


Driving conditions can cause the stability control system to function. If conditions were slippery such as driving on dirt roads, dirty roads or slippery roads and the car lost traction, the system will reduce engine power. That’s just one of the things it will do. Only you know what was happening when the system functioned or malfunctioned. We have no idea.


I’ve had this light go on when the battery was on its last legs.