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VSC warning light

Need assistance with “VSC” warning light…my car is completely dead, with warning light “VSC”. Other than what the acronym Vehicle Stability Control stands for, I don’t know what the issue is or what VSC is relating to. I can’t get my car started to take it in for diagnostic testing. Any advice out there?

The car is 2008 Lexus IS 250.

Thank you

The stability control won’t work if the engine isn’t running, that isn’t the reason your car won’t start. Is the battery too weak to start the engine?

@Nevada_545 is right. You need to fix the starting problem first and then address the VSC warning light problem. On second thought…you have no choice in the matter.

I agree that the OP is putting things in the wrong sequence.
First, the starting problem needs to be addressed.

Have the car towed to a reputable repair shop so that the starting problem can be diagnosed.
Then, once the engine is healthy, there is a very good chance that the VSC light will turn itself off. When the car’s OBD system detects a problem, it will shut down the VSC, the traction control, and the cruise control, so resolving the starting problem should resolve the VSC issue.

The vsc can be triggered by low battery voltage. Will the car start if you try to jump it?