2006 Toyota Avalon sunroof won't open

The sunroof for my 2006 Avalon Limited doesn’t open. The 30amp sunroof fuse located under the dash is good. I’d like to fix it my self if possible. I assume the switch and motor are the other concerns, but is there a relay involved that could be tested?

First see if you have 12VDC at the fusebox.

Beyond that you’ll really need a schematic to troubleshoot. If there is voltage at the fuse, you may need to see if you can access the motor without removing the sunroof assembly…or how to do this if necessary.

If there is no voltage at the fuse, check for a relay/fuse box under the hood. For a 30 amp circuit it’s possible there’s an activating relay under the hood that enables the voltage to be drawn via the fusible link.

Again, I’m guessing here. You 'll need a schematic to really go anywhere with this.

I will check the other fuse box under the hood. Thanks for the quick reply.