2006 Prius Big Red Triangle?



I noticed to day that the BIG RED TRIANGLE was coming on for a second or so when I would take a sharp turn.

What could be the cause of that? I don’t have the car manuel anymore…Kids lost it or threw it out I guess.


I Guess That Is The “Replace Owner’s Manual Immediately” Warning Light.



Virgil, I Believe That If You Go To “Toyota Owners Online” And Register, You Can Access A Manual.

Click this link to go right to the registration and Interactive Owner’s Manual.

Please let us know if it works for you. Thanks,


I found this reply on the web. You might to get the codes read.

The triangle warning light is a master warning light. There is a malfunction in the hybrid and engine control units. The most common problem is because the engine did not start when commanded to. This willl set a P3191 and a P3101 codes. Try turning the key off and restarting. If the engine fails to start the hybrid battery will run down to the point you won’t get it started.


Welcome back, CSA. I wondered where you got to. It’s been lonely supporting GM by myself. :wink:


Virgil, For 16 Bucks, Plus S & H, Helm Inc. Will Send You A New 06 Prius Information Guide Book.

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