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What is up with my Hybrid!

We have a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid with 58,000 miles on it…has run beautifully for 3 years…This morning when my wife started up the car, it would run in battery only mode, but the engine would not start and kick in…and, there was a red exclamation point inside a red triangle on the dash, which the manual said means that something is wrong!! No kidding…she drove it for a few blocks, and could only go about 10 mph…the gas engine simply would not engage…So, she drove it back home…let it sit for 30 minutes, started it up again, and now it is fine…drove for 2+ hours this afternoon and no problems!!..Whats going on?

You need to have the engine/computer codes read–most auto parts stores will do this for free. Post them back here in the “P0123” format, not the English translation.

Thanks…I will do that and see what comes up and then post here…Much appreciated…DBT

I took the car in and they couldnt find any codes at all…what now…

I doubt any of us on here will know much about diagnosing a Hybrid vehicle with all of its complex computer controls that regulate the gas engine and electric motor interactions No OFFENSE to any of us here on this board…lol…myseld included. In fact all of these controls reside in the ECU of this vehicle and it is extremely complex…if you have a red triangle on the dash then its time to get to Ford and see what they say. Is it still under warranty?

Ooops just saw your last post…THATS ALL THEY SAID?! Sounds like your warranty is up huh? I am completely clueless on this one…and that doesnt happen very often, but I know when to say when for sure…I’m useless on this one, sorry.

Took it in where? If you went the AutoZone/parts store route, I doubt they would find any relevant codes since all they have is Generic code readers. You’ll need a dealer or an independent shop with “factory level” scan tools.

Unfortunately the answer is go to the dealer given this is a hybrid and engine control issue.

Don’t waste your time posting codes back here for folks to wildly guess.

There are Ford dealers littered across the land. Take it there. At 58k miles I am guessing your powertrain warranty still exists. This is definitely a powertrain problem.