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2005 Toyota Prius red triangle

Any idea what this symbol means? It came on when the triangle came on. Battery reads 11.7 when off

That looks like some kind of headlight symbol. Have you checked your owners manual? It calls it the “Automatic head light leveling system warning light”

How old is your 12V battery?

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That is the automatic headlight leveling system warning, page 125 and 127 of the owners manual.

“This light warns that there is a problem
somewhere in the automatic headlight
leveling system.”

Have your 12 volt battery tested before attempting to repair the headlight leveling system.



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The red triangle is a general warning indicator, it is lit when a warning light is on (check engine, ABS, maintenance required, etc) or when there is a warning message.

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I believe it is original to the car. There’s about 137k on the car

If the 12v tests bad, would that just mean the battery is bad and nothing to do with the headlight?

Also, would a normal shop be able to fix or is this a dealer only issue? And does it have to be fixed asap or does it soley affect the headlights? Thank you for all your help.

The sensor mounts on the rear suspension with a couple of bolts, any mechanic should be able to do it and have probably done this many times. The shop we’ve used for 27yrs now knows these cars very well.

It only affects the headlight level. If the headlights are still aimed reasonably well I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on repairing this.

Here is a service bulletin that may apply to your vehicles problem;

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If you have an original 12V battery in a 2005 car, I’d replace it first, before doing anything else. It might clear up those other problems. And you need it, regardless.


My favorite line from that discussion:
“ every time I disconnected/reconnected the 12V for no apparent reason.”
I only disconnect a battery for a reason.

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