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2007 Toyota Prius warning light only illuminates on left turn

Triangle alarm comes up and “PROBLEM” flashes on RADIO sometimes on LEFT turn only?

It is a master caution symbol. You should see another indicator light at the same time but not always.

If it is yellow with an exclamation mark (!) in the middle, it is a concern. Could be something as simple as low tire pressure in one tire.

If it is red with the ! in the middle, then it is very important and you need to take the vehicle to a mechanic. It could be brakes, traction control, oil pressure but what ever it is, it can be dangerous to ignore. Yellow means at your earliest convenience. Red means RIGHT NOW!

Pull out the dipstick and check the oil.level. It’s possible the oil level is low enough that on.left turns, the oil in the oil.pan moves away from the pump.