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Hybrid Prius 2006

I am having problems with my 2006 prius… I was driving and all of the sudden the Master Warning light came on along with the Brake System warning light and the check engine light. I left my car and came back in 2.5 hours and turned the car on and this time the Master warning light and the check engine light came on… I am wondering if this is a malfunction with the computer system just because it seems when I turn my car on the indicator lights change as to what is wrong with it.

Well you do know there is a malfunction. It could be very serious or nothing more than an invalid light. The only way you can be sure is to get the system checked. The system should have stored code(s) that will help a lot. If it is still under warranty, it means a trip back to the dealer. Call the dealer and see if they say it is safe to drive.

You might want to check your owner’s manual and see what it says.

If it is not under warranty, some auto part stores will read the codes for free and you can bring the actural codes like P0123 and post them here for some more information.

There are MANY reasons why the lights could come on. What does the owner’s manual say about these lights? I don’t think the computer is malfunctioning, I think it’s trying to warn you of a problem.

Check the fluid levels (all of them), and if the lights remain on I suggest you take the car to a Toyota dealer. The Prius is an extremely complex vehicle and I don’t know how independent mechanics feel about working on them.

The computer malfunction is likely 0.1% the problem. The 99.9% chance is you have a problem with your car or its sensor(s).

sockmonkey75, the Prius uses a CAN bus interface (not the standard OBD-II that is used in a lot of car today). Most standard scanners won’t work on the CAN bus. However, Toyota has included a code reader into the MFD display. This may allow you to see any codes that have been set and you may be able to reset them also. Here is how it works.

First, turn the car on, then push and HOLD the “INFO” button (on the lower right side of the MFD) and while holding the INFO button on, toggle the headlight switch three times from on to off. The MFD will popup a display that has the status of EMV, Audio, and G/W. Now release the INFO button and press the “LAN Monitor” touch button on the lower left of the MFD, it will display if any coded were sensed, If it indicates a code was set, touch the code text in the MFD, it will then display what the codes are. Note, it also displays SUB codes which give you a more exact cause of the problem. Now if you may be able to reset the codes by pressing the reset button on the touch screen.
Note, I have not used this to reset codes yet since I have not had codes. To get out of this mode, just turn off the car.

Good luck…

After you do as PowerUp advises, call the dealer with your findings. Don’t drive the car until you have talked to the dealer or a knowledgeable mechanic.