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2006 Pacifica DVD/CD problem

Every winter our Pacifica’s DVD/CD player acts crazy when we start up the car. All the lights on the player panel light up and rotate looking for a disc. (There are none.) This only happens when it’s pretty cold out, around or below freezing. In addition, the driver seat memory function has a mind of its own, doesn’t save a setting, sometimes will move the driver seat as close to the steering wheel as it can get. The dealership repair guy said he’d have to take the whole panel off to fix it and it would cost a lot of money. Are these two problem related? They’re both really annoying. Is my dealership guy correct, or is he just lazy?

The two systems may be tied to the same memory power. There may be a bad connection btween the panel under the hood and the fuse panel in the dash. A new wire could be run without having to pull the dashapart I would think. Reconnection any connectors between the two points may solve the trouble also.

Thank you! I’ll jot down your comments for when I take it in.