Cd Changer no longer recognized after pcm replaced

I have had numerous repairs and dash lights on due to malfunctioning pcm. Have had pcm replaced twice. After last replacement the cd changer is no longer recognized and just clicks on and off. Dealership says they claim no responsibility. Is this possible? There have been no problems with cd player before this happened.

It is not only possible, it is absolutely certain that they would claim no responsibility.

I’m sorry, but you’re dealing with parts changers, not technicians. I have a feeling that they changed every part the broken computer told them to change without even questioning it… until they ran out of parts to change. Then they changed the computer!

Chrysler products are notorious for electrical problems. I have never seen one that went 40k miles without an electrical malfunction.

If it worked when it went in the shop, and it didn’t work after their last round of parts changing, then it must have been broken in the shop.

Make a big deal over it. No doubt most of the parts changing they did was unwarranted and could have been avoided by a proper mechanic. They have this coming to them.

Are you paying for all this questionable parts changing? If the car isn’t under warranty, you would be better served at a quality independent shop. To find a good one, ask around.

My one experience with an unrecognized CD changer was easily resolved by simply disconnecting the battery for a couple of minutes and then reconnecting it. That ‘re-booted’ the head unit and it came back operating normally. I would certainly try that before anything else.

Luckily I bought an extended warranty (thank god) and mostly everything has been covered.

“Chrysler products are notorious for electrical problems. I have never seen one that went 40k miles without an electrical malfunction.”

Really? I’ve got a quarter million miles on mine and the only problems I’ve ever had with the electrical system were an alternator at 210,000 and the climate control unit shortly after that. ($25 replacement part from ebay) It’s still on the original starter for Pete’s sake…

I’m sure when stars are aligned just right, they make a good one every once in a while. Consider yourself lucky.

Yes, I’m sure that’s it. I must have gotten the only good one. Thanks for your input.