2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE Sport Utility

2006 Nissan SE sport utility with 150,000 miles on it.
I have the following codes
All codes showed up twice for a total of 6 codes.
I have taken the vehicle to 2 mechanics and they could not figure It out or tell me why . The 2nd one said it could be the computer on the car and would have to take it to a dealership. Which I don’t have the money to do but if have to I will. I noticed my bill said they cleared the codes to see if they returned and of course they did when the shop was closed. So trying to figure this out what I need or to troubleshoot bought a scanner it’s called Ancel fx2000

These are what the codes mean.


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I think you need to find better mechanics


Thank you. I knew what the codes mean but when I Asked on here before that I was wanting to change the sensors they said it could be something else and I was wanting to know how to diagnose or troubleshoot

Suggest to focus on the camshaft and crankshaft position sensor’s function. If either of those was erratic or inaccurate it could cause the intake valve timing code, which would be a red herring. Here’s where I’d start if I had that problem

  • Check the power supply to both the crank and cam position sensors
  • Check the ground to both sensors
  • Make sure the signals from each sensor are reaching the computer in good form
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George if I already have new ones can I simply just install them or do I have to have the car relearn them

I doubt there’s a re-learning process for newly installed cam and crank sensors. Either they work or they don’t.

I tried installing the one behind the passenger wheel well and tried starting the car and it would shut off automatically almost instant. So installed the old one back in and was ok again( car still acting up and same codes) so unsure if I wanna try installing the other ones

I hope you are not using sensor bought off eBay, do you?

Amazon YCT auto is the brand name

Amazon is as polluted by the knockoff stuff nowadays as eBay.

Nissan OEM sensors are around $100 a pop at nissanpartsplus.com, which is usually 25-30% below dealer.

I wonder how much YCT sensor was.

I consider these sensors not to be something to skimp costs on.

Allright before I spend the money on the brand name parts . How come the mechanics diddnt wanna work on it I know they got the codes cuz they had it printed on the receipt it also said they cleared the codes to see if they would come back which they did after we left the first one was alrdy closed and the second one told us it was something to do with our computer and told us to take it to a Nissan dealership which I know dealerships charge a lot of money. Like why couldn’t the mechanics just read the codes and change the sensors? I paid both mechanics pretty much $100 each to tell me nothings wrong with it putting my hopes up for a sec than my car shuts off while driving down the road .

Well, if you came with a broken suspension link or brakes which wore to the ground, it is easy to diagnose and easy to estimate how much it will cost to fix.

If you come with a bunch of engine problems, the diagnostics become more of the art of guessing what is wrong, rather than a concrete science and not everybody is good at it.

I would suggest you to go to nissanhelp.com and describe your problem - these guys have a lot of Nissan-specific experience.
Their moderator is long-standing Nissan mechanic.

With regard to the sensors, on various Nissan forums, people have had issues with some aftermarket cam and crank sensors. Its best to use genuine Nissan ones, but if not and you want to save a bit of money, getting NTK or Hitachi ones should do the trick. Or I noticed on Rockauto they have Beck/Arnley ones which are probably repackaged Nissan ones.

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Good call on Hitachi: most likely they are indeed the OEM supplier and they are $40 a piece.

Beck/Arnley… at around $22… mostly good, but you never know whom they are repackaging

I Told them both times what it was and they even scanned and can see what it was bank 1 camshaft sensor I wish they would tell u they won’t work on anything that brings up codes. Sorry don’t meen to vent both times I had the money to get it done and over with now I gotta wait some more for money and order the part and wait some more. Thanks for all the help and info let you know how it goes