Nissan Maxima 2000

Engine light code P1335 points to Crank Position Scensor, paid 700.00 to have it replaced. Car still cuts off when first put in Drive, specially when cold rain, the shop will not repair. They state that they did what the code require and that they do not know what else could be the problem. Needless to say, I got tired of leaving the car for days at a time and when I pick it up it would be as if nothing has been done. Did not take it to the Dealer, now I regret it.

The repair(?) shop said they, “…did what the code required…”. WHAT, in their view, does the code require?! I hope that they don’t say that the code requires that they change the crankshaft position sensor. The CODES, in fact, NOT any DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes, say to change ANY part. They are DIAGNOSTIC (symptom) codes. This action, of changing innocent parts for diagnostic codes, seems to be pandemic across America.
DTC P1335 is: “Crankshaft position sensor (Ref) [circuit has a problem]”. It DOESN’T say that the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS), itself, has a problem. That’s for testing, checking, and diagnosis to reveal, or not.
The word “[Ref]” means that the “Reference voltage” (usually 5 volts), to/from the Crankshaft Position Sensor and the engine computer isn’t what it should be. The wire may, even, be broken, or disconnected, or making a poor connection somewhere, or have a bare area of insulation.
There are diagnostic charts the repair shop can (and should) be following for DTCs. I don’t think the repair shop has downloaded those DTC Charts, from the internet site provider, and used them (in a proficient manner) to see what is wrong with the Crankshaft Position Sensor CIRCUITS. The CIRCUITS are wires, and the components therein. It is NOT just components. The repair shop owes you a diagnosis, or your money back.

After I took the car back they states that they replace the crank position Sensor/Pulley. What is that? The cars still the same and they say that there is nothing else that they can do. First repair was 230.00 labor 137.14 parts. Second was 195.00 labor 77.88 parts.

I could be something as simple as a bad wire going to the C.P.S. A bad wire would trip the code for that.

What are the chances of having 2 separate problems here? The CPS could have been responsible for the Check Engine Light but the engine dying when first put in drive and/or the part about cold rain could point to an Idle Air Valve problem with the former and the latter could affect the ignition coils.
It is possible to have an Idle Air Valve problem with no code being set.

Rain and moisture in the air can affect the secondary ignition and since there has been a number of Maxima/Altima coil complaints it’s something to consider anyway.