2006 Nissan Pathfinder part number help

Need help on which parts to order for a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE Sport utility. 150,000 miles. With the following codes with description:
P0340 generic current camshaft position sensor A circuit bank 1 or single sensor.
P0448 generic pending evaporative emission system vent control circuit shorted (YouTubed that might just need cleaning).
First code popped up 4 times. Car stalls out once in a while and hard to start back up I need help with part numbers or number and where to order I tried the amazon cheap route and the first part from the kit did not work if u need more info let me know thank you

A code just tells you what system is sending a signal to the computer that is out of range. It is not necessarily telling that the main component of that system needs to be replaced.

For example a vacuum leak or a leak allowing rainwater to get in the tubing to a map sensor will throw a code even though the map sensor is fine.

Camshaft position sensor.


Vent valve solenoid.



Oldtimer thanks for the info well what do u recommend I test

I am not a mechanic. Just google how to test the specific parts or troubleshoot the codes. Many can be tested with a cheap voltmeter

Yes @oldtimer-11 is definitely correct about using Engine Codes to troubleshoot… It’s helpful to think of most of those codes as a loose guide to where to be searching and verifying under the hood. They are very often NOT to be taken at face value as a repair or part replacement suggestion. HOWEVER… in your case, this time… You actually CAN follow those codes to the source of the problem.

The P0340 and P0448 are included in the group of Engine Codes that actually get you really really close to the repair you need to perform. The 340 points directly to your Cam Sensor…so… In this case, go for it.

Same applies to the 448… It is telling you that there is a problem with the “Circuit” associated with the Evap Vent control. This is the fuel tank Vent solenoid…but it is the Circuit it is complaining about. You can unplug that vent solenoid and bench test it with a couple pieces of wire and your car battery… If she functions OK doing an ez bench test in your hands…then you need to investigate the wiring or the plug or the basic health of the “Circuit” of that solenoid.

Honestly you got some fairly straight forward codes this time… It is NOT always like this … So you got fairly lucky even though you might not feel thata way.

As far as parts go… Call a dealership that is near your location and ask for “Parts”…they have neato ways of being able to look them up on the dealership Nissan Parts Computer he works with, this is especially helpful because Nissan tends to make many revisions on parts and numbers based on when the vehicle was mfg’d…so providing the person with your VIN…will allow them to get you to the exact correct part number on the first try.

Write down the numbers given and if the prices are reasonable…buy…if not, use the numbers provided to then search the net.

Blackbird thank you very much I’ll let you know how it goes

Nissan OEM part numbers and MSRP can be found on their official parts eStore:

Plug in your VIN and go :slight_smile:

Once you know the part[s] you need, google it.
I had a good experience with http://nissanpartsplus.com/