2006 Nissan Pathfinder - Stalls

My car would still start and run but stalls out sometimes after a lil while so I ordered and installed A new crank shaft sensor and when I go to start it and it would turn on and then right off so I put the the old one back in and then it started right up . Still getting the code of course still probly gonna stall out again but I planned on doing all my sensors and I feel like I’m gonna get the same issue like the first one I made sure it was connected properly and I do got the right part from amazon only thing I could find is something simple like clearing the codes or a relearning process which I would try but I can’t do one of the steps which is to get the car up to temp soo I’m stuck .

Why do people change sensors when they are working ?

Your sensor is working, it’s telling you there is a problem.

What is/are the codes ? get them read from almost any auto parts store and post them here.

I did get the codes checked a while ago and it was one of my o2 sensors and one of the crankshaft sensors also brought it to 2 mechanics to get a diagnostics paid them each $100 to tell me nothings wrong with it and then on our way back it went into limp mode I found on the internet that these sensors could also make a short on the computer and not give any codes so my question still is up to be answered do I do something else after installing a new sensor?

The o2 sensor gives about 30 codes, NOT one of them is “Bad o2 Sensor”

If you want useful advice, list the codes you got, in the format P0123, NOT just “it was one of my O2 sensors” Also tell us how many miles on this truck.

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If the O2 is putting out false codes, then the O2 is bad. When an O2 gives a fault code, then further testing needs to be done to determine if there’s actually a problem or if it’s the sensor itself. There have been literally THOUSANDS of perfectly good catalytic converters replaced over the years because of a faulty O2 sensor.

I agree, but there is no fault code that says “Bad Sensor”

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I can’t get any codes I took it to 2 mechanics and told them I had my car scanned at oreilys a year ago And told them oreily said there was a fault with the o2 sensor and crank shaft sensor( I do not remember the codes just what was the problem) so I brought it into the 2 separate mechanics to take a look at it and now they can’t get any codes just now that something is up with my computer and would have to bring it into a Nissan which I do not got the money for. I feel like what ever the bad part is could be messing with my cars computer car has 120,000 miles on it

Or it could be a bad computer messing with all your good sensors.

Without any codes, you’ll just be wasting money throwing parts at it.

You need a shop that can do a full diagnostic checkup on it, like the dealer.

Suggest to purchase a relatively inexpensive scan tool that works w/your car. That will read the diagnostic codes. And you’ll have it to read any codes posted in the future. I think simple aftermarket code reading tools are priced less than $100. If you plan on doing your own diagnostics, or asking for help on computer forums like this you’ll have to have access to the diagnostic codes to make much progress. There’s 8 sensors plus the battery to replace otherwise. And that might not solve your problem.

Highly unlikely. A lot other things would be happening also.