Nissan Pathfinder computer help

Update: codes are-x2(each code showed up twice for a total of 6 codes
2006 Nissan Pathfinder 150000 miles on it(I’ll post codes later ). I took my Nissan into 2 separate mechanics to see what’s wrong with it. The first one thought it was my coroded terminals so they cleaned them and replaced one and charged me $126 for it they did clear the check engine light but less than an hour after that it came back so I noticed on my receipt that 4 to 6 codes showed but they cleared them to see if they would come back but they diddnt. Same problem with the second mechanic but they told me after we came back when the light came back on and the said it could be computer related so my question before I take it in and possibly spend a thousand or two at a dealership is could it be anything else like a bad sensor causing a short and messing with the computer be. Once again I’ll post the codes as soon as I can I’m at work please help ( sorry codes took so long to get added ordered a scanner and finally got it.)

Post the codes and I’ll give it a try. Anything at this point would be a wild-a$$ guess.

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Yes. It could be caused by many other reasons besides a faulty computer. Once you post the codes some actual helpful ideas will probably emerge. Have you had all the recall work done? I believe there’s a couple of recalls regarding the ECM relays.

If you want help, post the codes. The story means nothing without the codes. Please post ‘em!