2006 Kia Sedona

Does anyone know why this vehicle makes a loud “moaning” noise from somewhere near the alternator? it is really pronounced at idle, and low speed.

Find out if it’s Mona because of belt-driven component by removing the belt, running the engine, and listening for Mona.

I’d guess on a whining power steering pump. If you sit at idle will the noise change as you turn the steering wheel back and forth?

If that is so, this often means that you’re heading for needing a new pump. But there are other things you can do - have a shop change out the PS fluid - or just do it yourself. Suck the fluid out of the reservoir, refill with fresh. Do that a couple of times with a weeks driving in between and you’ll have nearly new fluid. I saw someone on here once mention a ps fluid that quieted noisy pumps, but I can’t remember what it was - ask around at AP stores.

Of course, all of that is relevant only if it is the pump.