Power steering pump making a whining noise

I have a 2000 Saturn SW2 wagon. I’ve got a whine like sound coming from the power steering pump. I had a flush and fluid replacement done and the noise is still there… The pump seems to be working ok. Should I replace the pump or just live with the noise?

Is it leaking oil?. If not live with it till it goes away or becomes intolerable.

did you have the flush done to try to get rid of the noise, or did the flush make the problem worse?

It’s not leaking and I just had the flush done yesterday.

How old is the serpentine belt? I usually replace the belt every 3 years or so with a good quality belt like a Goodyear Poly-V.

Ed B.

unless there is a leak draining the fluid out I would just leave it alone and tolerate it until it goes out completley. You can probably go for months without replaceing it. Proffesional mechanics will likely tell you something different so that they can make a couple of bucks, but the truth is that PS pumps can go a long time with worn out internals.

I had a GM car with similar symptom. It ended up being the idler pulley.

Many P.S.systems have a separate fluid reservoir mounted away from the pump. There is usually a filter screen in the bottom of these fluid tanks. If this filter plugs up with hose particles, the pump will make noise. Solution: Remove and clean the reservoir.