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Whining noise - belt or ps issue?

My 2010 Honda Odyssey EXL recently began making a whining noise that seems worse when turning the steering wheel. When in the shop for routine maintenance a few weeks ago they noted a leaking power steering suction hose although at the time it was not making any noise. Is this a likely cause? Unsure what it was I tried spraying belt dressing on the serpentine belt and it seemed to help. There was no whining for a couple days. Now it’s back. Any ideas?

You could have a failing power steering pump; don’t drive much further and get it fixed ASAP. On some cars like the traditional V8s a failing water pump bearing can cause this noise, but I doubt this is the case with your car.

Check the fluid level in the power steering pump reservoir.

If there’s a hose leaking, the fluid level may have dropped to a point where the power steering pump is starting to whine.

Keep adding fluid to the reservoir until the leaking hose is replaced. Otherwise you’ll burn up the power steering pump from the lack of fluid.