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Car won’t turn over

My 2013 Hyundai Elantra is giving me once click when I try to start it…the battery on it is powering everything good, fan motor is working at full speed. I thought maybe it could be the starter, I have checked the relay switch and the fuse they are all in good condition. My thought was it could be the starter or solenoid, so I removed the starter and battery and took it to autozone, where they both tested good? Cleaned all my connections and put my car back together…still giving me the one click sound and not even attempting to turn over…any idea guys?

You need to go back to Autozone with your battery for a test. It may allow small currents, but unable to supply the huge current needed for starting. If you have a charger, put it on the charger before going for the test.

I say this because your post says nothing about a full battery check.

Autozone tested the battery with the starter and confirmed it was good and charged but could it still be the battery?

That should be sufficient, unless it has been a week or two since the test. Watch the battery voltage while you are trying to turn over the starter. Does the car start if you try to jump it? That would be useful to know.

Check if the 40 amp fusible link in the fuse box under the hood for the starter relay has blown.


If there are no fuses blown, I would say the starter is bad, either because its not turning or engaging the flywheel. Have you tried whacking the starter with a hammer while someone attempts to crank the engine over?

No it does not, I tried jumping it today.

I actually switched the fan motor and the starter motor switch relays around and both were still working, so I know it’s not that.

The fan was working, obviously not the starter.

I actually just switched my car battery with a good one from my gf car and still same problem.

This also was just today that they were tested…we had a four hour drive Monday and Tuesday morning my car would not start…I took the starter and battery out yesterday and had it tested today…I’m truly at a loss.

Can you get a wrench on the crankshaft pulley and rotate the engine? Just wondering if there is something internal that has seized or broken.

BTW, no need to reply individually, all of us can see your replies.

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Purebred has given what I was going to recommend. If the engine has seized for any reason, your starter would not turn. I also don’t think you have yet reported what happens to the battery voltage when you have the key in the cranking position. If the voltage barely budges (stays near full voltage), then you are not getting a good current to the starter.

Maybe the problem is in the spark plugs or in the ignition locking system?

How would a spark plug related problem keep the starter from turning the engine?


Jessica , where are you getting all these strange ideas ??

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I am confused about your statement that you had a four hour drive. I thought it wouldn’t start???

My interpretation was it would not start the day after the four hour drive.

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Jessica is troll.

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In a word - No.

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