2006 Honda Pilot - engine light?

Picture of engine on dash .owners says emission problem or gas cap?

As usual this is a vague post so it is impossible to know why or what you actually asking.
I don’t like to guess but here goes. I assume you are thinking of buying this vehicle. The logical thing to do is tell them to fix the problem that has turned on the Check Engine Light and then call you.

Check Engine Light on I always just leave and look else where.

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That’s your check engine light. If it’s on solidly the vehicle needs repairs. If it’s flashing, pull over and shut it off immediately. When the check engine light comes on the car’s computer usually stores a code that can help track down the problem. Have a good mechanic scan the code and tell you approximately what’s wrong and what it will take to fix it.

The part about ( owners say ) leads me to think that this is not the OP’s vehicle and until they can make a logical question why bother with this .

The buyer should be careful. A check engine light can be erased without solving the problem. If owner claims it was fixed, get the repair report.

I originally thought “owner” referred to the Owner’s Manual. Apparently not. I’m continually amazed by ads on CraigsList with something along the lines of “should be an easy fix.” If it were an easy fix, you would’ve fixed it yourself and been able to sell a working unit. By the same token, if the vehicle in question just needed a gas cap the seller would have replaced it by now so obviously there’s a more serious problem.

I have identical problem. If youfind the answer let me know

I’m sure you do. That’s your post that you responded to. If you can provide mor info, maybe we can help you.

As you’ve already been told, if we’re going to make any guesses here, you need to retrieve the code and let us know what it is.

I think the owners reference is to the owners manual, which the OP simply didn’t bother to type out in full.