2006 Honda Pilot Check Engine Light

My “check engine” light won’t go away. After three or four “costly” services, the light comes on for a few days and then goes off for a week or so, and then comes back on again. This began in October last year. One Honda agency’s diagnosis was “cleared DTCS and tested system and observed normal engine operation. Fuel trims are within spec and misfire monitors detected no misfire. One possible cause for all cylinder misfire is EGR valve malfunction. EGR tested normal. No correction performed.” Yet problem persisted. I took car to a Honda mechanic who replaced EGR valve. Yet problem persisted. Took car back and same mechanic replaced the spark plugs. Idiot light came back on today. After almost $500 and no solution to the problem, I am obviously frustrated. What’s my next step?

Black electrical tape over the light?

Seriously, how many miles on your Pilot, and have you done all maintenance according to the schedule that came with the vehicle?

Do you know the actual codes that are being read by the dealer and/or your Honda mechanic? Codes are stored in the vehicle’s computer whenever the check engine light comes on.

If you post the codes someone may be able to help you.

The Honda agency received a code for “misfires” on all 6 cylinders and yet “found no cause for all cylinder misfire.” One would think that the new irridium spark plugs installed two weeks ago would solve that problem. The car has 85,000 miles, and I have religiously had it serviced by the book. After the agency charged me $100 to simply look at the problem with “no correction performed,” I decided it was time to seek help from a local Honda specialist. Supposedly the codes he found caused him to replace the EGR valve and, when that didn’t work, he installed new spark plugs. Seems like there’s more guessing going on here than actual expertise.

How about the spark plug wires? I would suspect them more than the plugs themselves. Also it is a good idea to get the actual error codes. They will be in the format P1234

The crank sensor might possibly be causing the misfire codes.

Thanks! I’ll check into the spark plug wire possibility. The codes found by the Honda agency were P0301 thru P0306 which I assumed would be the plugs. I’m not sure about that, though.

Hope this helps someone.
I got the check engine light this morning on my 2007 Honda Pilot (37K miles). Stopped by Advanced Autoparts to get the error code/messages. It was P0300-P0306 Random Cylinder Misfire and Misfiring Cylinders 1-6. I took it to the dealership and received this response after they ran their diagnostic:
"Was informed by tech-line that problem is under investigation and there is no fix at this time. Was advised to erase codes and if problem persists to adjust rear valves tight and front valves lose."
So it sounds like a known issue. Tech advisor told me to come back in if the light check engine light comes back on and that any repairs would be covered by warranty.
I will update if anything else happens.

id id the same thing just replaced all 6 ignition coils oem 81 dollars each bought them online for 30 each pulled pos cable will let you know

We have a 2009 Honda Pilot and same thing. The check engine light stays off for about a week and a half. All maintenance has been done, and the dealership apologetically tells us they can’t fix it. Who has time to take a car in for maintenance once a month? Extremely frustrated with this lemon.