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2016 Honda Pilot emissions light

Emissions problem light at 16,000 miles?

So are you asking us if you have a check engine light? Or telling us?

Check the gas cap first. It is present? NO? get a new one. Is it tight? NO? Tighten it. The light may go out in about 5 trips. Light still on?

Take it into a shop to have the error codes read from the car’s computer and the mechanic will go from there.

No gas cap on this model. the service emissions light has come on.

This car is new . Crazy!

John, this is what warranties are for. Not sure how long your warranty is but you are not over on mileage plus if this is an emission issue, tose are covered for 8 years and 80k miles. Take it to the dealer

No, it is not new anymore . As Mustang says you should still have warranty coverage . Things do break .