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2006 Honda Odyssey - Vibrates

My van has been vibrating (especially after reaching 40 mph) and sounds like it’s in a lower gear (like when you go to a different gear when it’s very snowy and icy). The dealership thinks that the front engine mount needs to be replaced. Another mechanic thinks that it’s a rear mount. There’s 126k on the odometer. Other than this recent problem, it’s run very well, although it seems to go through batteries quickly (we’re on our 4th or 5th).

My questions are:
• is there a way to determine what is truly wrong with it that’s causing the vibration when driving and louder engine sound, and
• is it worth it to repair, or should we look for a new vehicle?
• If the option is a new vehicle, could you recommend a decent previously owned minivan? I’m a Girl Scout leader who transports many girls, although this will be the last year as the girls (including my youngest) are high school seniors. We will need much room for taking our son and his things to college, and next year both kids.

At this mileage it very well could be BOTH engine mounts. Replacing both mounts is far cheaper than a newer used minivan. I suspect there may be other things wrong but your description isn’t enough for me to figure out what they may be. Try the mounts first and go from there.

And don’t go to the dealer, they are expensive! Go to a local, independent, well rated mechanic.

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I agree with @Mustangman.
Get both mounts changed. And know that the dealer will be much more expensive for this.

There is no reason to take this car to a dealer with it no longer being under warranty.

I would also have the mechanic check the charging system. It may be overcharging and burning up those batteries.