Transmission help?

I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L
A few months back, my mother took it on the highway to another city about 2 hours away. When she was ready to come back, she started it, and the van wouldn’t go into gear at all. She had it Towed to a shop with a $5000 estimate. Might I add the van does shift into gear now and is drivable, but I’ve been too scared to drive it I don’t wanna mess up things any further. Now, I am a woman that knows absolutely nothing about vehicles and I have no idea what this estimate means. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

You should get the engine and transmission mounts replaced. This is a well known, common problem with this van. That is not part of your transmission problem but needs to be done.
For your transmission, ask your regular mechanic who he uses for transmission repair. That will NOT be a chain shop like AAMCO or Cottman. Take it to the recommended shop, tell them who sent you, and tell them your tale. Good luck

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I’m worried it wouldn’t even be worth it to pay that much. I was told I could buy a used one and have it put in, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea either. Thanks for your reply!

A used what? Transmission?I wouldn’t advise it.

How many miles are on this van? What’s the condition of the van otherwise?

160k, other than the transmission there are no other problems that I know of. And like I said it is still drivable and has been shifting into gear no problem since then.

Then perhaps do nothing and drive it till it quits. Replacing those mounts alone could cost as much as $500. There’s one payment on your next car right there

Well with a $5000 repair, who needs other problems? That’s enough. On an 06, I think it’s time to trade. I’d never trust a used transmission. After all, that’s what’s in there now. Fluid changes every 30,000 miles.

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I’ve installed many used transmissions, and never had a problem with any of them.

It’s an economical way to get an older vehicle with high mileage back on the road.

I installed a used tranny in my 97 Accord five years ago, and it’s still going strong.


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$500 for the mounts, is that including labor or the parts alone?

Tester is a trusted mechanic with trusted used parts suppliers. Might be worth a shot if the price is right and have a similar trusted shop.

Parts and labor here in a suburb of Philadelphia PA.

Is it possible it could an easier fix besides replacing the whole transmission? Like if I only replaced mounts would that make a difference? I apologize for all the questions excuse my ignorance lol like I said I know absolutely nothing about all this.

Is the D4 light flashing?


No it’s not

Then at this time, there’s nothing wrong with the transmission.



Do you have a “check engine” light illuminated?

No, the only light that is turning on is the “eco” light, it turns on and off. And when it turns on, I feel vibrations only on the driver side. Which I was told is probably from the bad mounts

Well, it sounds like it MIGHT be the mounts making all the banging sounds. If you think the rest of the vehicle is in relatively good shape then I would take a shot at fixing the mounts. If you’re not getting a check engine or transmission fault light then my guess is fixing the mounts will make this reasonably driveable.

Or maybe you should just change the “transmission shutters”. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. It seems we are having an outbreak of people using “shutters” for “shudders”.

Good luck!!!

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If it was me I would have the motor mounts replaced then see where you are at . Then you can decide if a transmission rebuild is worth it to you or trade time as soon as you can.