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2006 Honda Odyssey bad oil leak but all seals replaced

My 2006 Honda Odyssey has been leaking oil for months. My mechanic has replaced every seal, tightened everything up, and replaced the pcv valve too. Each time I get it back a new oil leak appears. It is the oil leak that will not end! I have put $1,000 into this. I would just give up if the oil leak weren’t so bad. It’s really bad, and three mechanics don’t know why my van keeps generating new leaks. I hope someone here has a hint!

none can see if leak is on top of motor or down low?
new valve cover gaskets?
camshaft seals?
front timing balancer seal?
oil pan gasket?
oil filter adapter and/or oil pressure sender does not leak?
last but not least. rear main seal. did he remove the transmission? you would certainly have paid for that?
i say take it to honda dealer and say nothing but have them find leak