Leak on "Main Bolt"

When I had my oil changed, I was told that a “Main Bolt” needed to be replaced because it was starting to leak oil. He said that there was a sealant of some type on it that was wearing away and that even though I see no evidence of an oil leak, I would soon. He said that one of the axles would have to be removed to replace it. Anyone know what he’s talking about and what the bolt is really called? I’m tempted to not worry about it until I see evidence of a leak.

Odd. He told you about leak AFTER car was done? Why didn’t you ask him to show you leaky bolt? He could have easily shown you leak and you could say great, fix it? Does he want your business or not?

It may be that the shop is lining up the 8 ball for a good bank shot.

I would find a new place to have my oil changed. Please do not use a “chain” shop.

He said it was more of a preventative maintenance item and that one of the axles would have to be removed to get to it. This was a Honda dealer and certified garage. When I’ve talked to other mechanics about this, no one seems to know anything about this bolt. Since I have not noticed any evidence of a leak, I’m inclined to let it go, unless there is a good reason to spend the money for an oil leak I can’t see yet. Any other Honda Odyssey owners ever faced this problem?

Because the person in question (presumably a “service writer”, rather than a real mechanic) used a vague, generic, non-specific term such as “main bolt”, I would be very skeptical. “Main bolt” is not a term that I can identify with anything specific, but that should also not be interpreted as a suggestion to ignore the situation.

I strongly suggest that the OP take the car to an independent mechanic with a good reputation, and ask if he can identify any areas of oil leakage that are of imminent danger to the engine. If, as I suspect, the engine is given a clean bill of health, then the OP can motor on in confidence. If the indy mechanic identifies a specific area where there is a serious oil leak, then I would like the OP to come back to this thread and report exactly what the indy mechanic said.

I wonder if the service writer or whoever was talking about the rear seal in the transmission or the rear main bearing seal in the engine.

I would guess what was actually said was Rear main seal and they would have to remove the transaxle to get at it. It is very hard for people to remember terms they haven’t heaard before.
If it was my car I would change the pcv valve and wait til it leaks.
If it does leak put in an oil stop leak or high mileage motor oil.

My advice, check your oil level on a regular basis, you should do this anyway. The best time is when adding gas. If you don’t see the oil level dropping, then ignore anyone that tells you that you have a leak.

Thanks to everyone for your ideas. I also thought he might mean the rear main seal, as Triedadq and Oldtimer said, but he said, “no” that the rear main seal was fine. I am taking the van to my local mechanic that I have dealt with for years and will have it checked out. Again, appreciate everyone’s help. Its actually tells me something that no one else seems to have had a similar issue.

“Main Bolt?” Not…get a second opinion and stop with the guesswork…