Dodge charger 2007 oil leak

My car leaks oil and i know where it is leaking from, but i dont know what is the part’s name and how to fix it. Please help.

You first… what engine?

That is the timing belt tensioner, but that is not what is leaking. The leak is from something higher up, probably the camshaft seals.

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Probably the most common place for engine oil leaks are defective valve cover gaskets. If you’re going to replace the cam seal(s) you’ll have to remove the valve covers as part of the process probably, so good opportunity to replace the valve cover gaskets too.

The source of an oil leak can be difficult to determine. If you can’t figure out exactly where it is leaking you can clean off the entire engine then add some UV dye to the oil. After running the engine a few times then you inspect the leak area using a special UV light. Auto parts store sell the dye and the UV light as a kit I expect.

Best to avoid getting oil on the timing belt, so good for you for spotting this problem early.

Its a 3.6L V6

No it isn’t. Not available that year. It is a 3.5L V6, if it IS a V6 and the picture shows a timing belt tensioner…THIS… and like @Nevada_545 posted, the leak may be from higher on the engine.