2002 Honda Odyssey Oil Pump & Timing Belt

I think I made a bad decision. Almost a year ago, I purchased my used Odyssey. I cannot remember if the timing belt had been changed. My check engine light came on, and the mechanic I took it to indicated it was the seal on the gas cap. He proceeded to tell me that I have an oil leak coming from the oil pump and that I should replace it and while I’m in there, I should replace the timing belt. There were a myriad of other things wrong with it, including broken engine mounts (which I can get fixed elsewhere from the man I purchased the car from) and some other things he said I can spread out and are basic maintenance, but I said to go forward with the oil pump and timing belt. It’s $1400. This seems high to me. I don’t have a lot of time to shop around and my car is already at the mechanic. Please tell me I didn’t make a really stupid decision!

If the oil pump seal was leaking, it would contaminate the belt and prematurely destroy the belt. These belts are to work in a dry environment.
You could never get all the oil out of the belt and it would have to be replaced.

If you have a lot of trust in the word of the previous owner, ask him.
Did he replace just the belt …or the belt kit with water pump and idler pulleys.

If he changed it all, I would have this mechanic order just the belt and the oil pump seal.
Because everything else is new. But, the big question is "Did the previous owner really change anything or was that just a selling point for him???

That should reduce the parts needed by a few hundred dollars, but not really the labor. Most of it has to come apart anyway. See what the owner says and run the idea past the mechanic.

As far as the total cost, I really couldn’t guess. I’ve never done a timing belt on an Odyssey.
It does seem a bit high though.


Well, the local Acura dealer wants $1100 for a t-belt on my V6, and it’s the same series (a little smaller than yours, though) of engine that you have. Add for the oil pump and that sounds reasonable… From a dealer. I would expect an independent mechanic to charge less, personally, but it’s hard to say what my prices are like compared to yours since I don’t know where you live.

The oil pump assy is bolted to front lower block. Basically below timing belt area. Is the casting gasket leaking? Is it an o-ring? Is oil pan leaking? Many places to leak. Unless oil is pouring out, than adding oil is a lot cheaper. Is timing belt due? And water pump? The oil pump is $160 or so. Add part/labor add on to timing belt job and u get a good bill.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember if the timing belt had ever been replaced prior to me owning it. The prior owner purchased, drove for a bit, then sold to me. As for where it’s leaking, I don’t know. He said oil pump, I didn’t realize there would be different places that could be leaking.

If the timing belt replacement is due, you made the right decision to have it done. Its a lot less money to replace the timing belt than replace the engine after the timing belt breaks in action. And the price combined with the oil leak fix seems reasonable.

If you made an error, it would be that most folks here would negotiate a price based on replacing more than just the timing belt. Depending on how the engine is configured, often the experts here will say to also replace the timing belt tensioner, the water pump, the front crank seal, and the camshaft seal(s). Suggest you phone up your shop and see if they plan to do all that, or if not, why not.

On my 2006 Odyssey, I recently got the timing belt, timing belt tensioner, serpentine belt & water pump replaced, along with an oil change & tire rotation, for a little over $1000. This was at a dealer in Dayton OH, so your prices may vary, depending on location.