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Toyota Highlander Oil Leak

Have a oil leak. Took it to an independent shop and they said it was the crankshaft seal. Just had the timing belt changed using dealer parts including the seals. But, I did not get the tensioner replaced. What is the common problem with my Toyota Highlander V6 in terms of oil leaks? Should the shops be using dye in the oil to trace the leaks. Would love some input. I think that going to the dealer is expensive but worth the repeated trips to the local area mechanics. Please help repair my optimism

Crankshaft seal has nothing to do with the other work you’ve had done. Is it leaking a lot? How many miles per quart? Did you notice it, or did the mechanic?

Little drops on the ground. Have to wipe the exhaust pipe down. Only leaks when the car has just been driven. I have not needed to add oil yet.

“have to wipe the exhaust pipe down” Where, exactly? Underneath the engine?

Thought it was the rear mail seal because oil was there also.Took it to the local repair shop. They took of the cover and used a mirror. They said they saw a stream of oil. They think it is the front main seal leaking.

It is underneath the engine. It’s not the oil filter. It is in the middle back.

What is the powertrain warranty on your Highlander? It should not have a leaking main seal after 3 years. You might be able to put in a warranty claim.

I believe it is 6 years 60,000 miles. Looks like a trip to the dealer. Could it be the crankshaft seal?

“Front main seal” is one of the “crankshaft seals”. Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse.

This may be far off the mark, but oil runs everywhere, so it could be coming from somewhere entirely different from the main seal(s). I have an 07 Highlander V6AWD which, at about 30,000 miles, had a leaking axle seal. The dealer found it (upon my inquiry) at scheduled service; it was covered under the warranty. It was leaking oil on the ground, but the oil was all over everything under there, including the bottom of the bell housing.