Honda CRV 2000 wheel bearing problems?


Hello and hoping someone can help me. I notice this only sometimes. When I am in park, and go into drive to pull in or out of let’s say a parking space, or if I am making a sharp turn, I have noticed for the last year that my right wheel feels off. It almost feels like a grinding, or perhaps like friction, and the steering wheel almost becomes a little bit shaky. This does not happen all the time. Just 2 days ago, during wet weather, a horrible schreeching sound came from the right back tire area. I have heard similar sounds can be brake pads, but I don’t think that was what is was. I have been told it might be the wheel bearings. Can anyone help before I bring it to a shop and get robbed? Thanks


Have you ever had your rear differential fluid replaced? I would try that first. I am not sure exactly what you are trying to describe however.



This is one you can go to the Honda dealer or shop and mention the rear differential fluid if you have AWD(most CRV’s are). Its likely <$100 to replace it.


No! I just took my car in to someone today, and they checked the bearings and brakes, and nothing shows up wrong. Is this something they could see? I only heard the schreeching sound that one day. Other than that, it seems like a “rubbing feeling” or my back tire area is almost grinding if I turn my tires tightly to make a turn. I don’t notice a thing when I am making loose turns, or driving. Is this expensive? Could anyplace do this for me? Thanks so much for your comments! I appreciate it!


Go to the dealer and have them replace the rear differential. Should do it for less than $30.00. Or go to an independent- just make sure they use Honda’s dual pump fluid. Or do it yourself, just kinda a pain to get to. It is simple to do and will probably solve the problem. Oh yeah, in order to see the fluid, you might as well change it. Getting to it is most of the job.