2003 accord EX locks

I did my required Google-ing and searches on this site and never found an issue quite like mine…

2003 Accord EX, about 145K miles.

About a year ago, the back passenger side door would not lock. So now I just keep it locked and if I ever need it open, I reach back to unlock it.

About 6 months ago, the front passenger side door stopped responding to a lock command. But the funny thing was, when it started to show signs of weakness, I could press lock (on driver side door or remote) about 5 or 6 times and it would eventually makes its way down or up. Eventually, it just stopped working altogether.

So now I have 2 out of 4 doors that lock and unlock remotely or by the master unlock/lock button on the driver’s side.

I have found NO other issues with the car that would seem related to this. The AC has stopped blowing cold air but it did this last summer too (and fixed itself) so I think that is unrelated.

I am happy, willing, and able to do any minor fixes myself on the car.

Thanks in advance!

“The doors won’t lock,” but you can lock and unlock them. ??? Please explain further.

Are you using the remote to lock the doors, or the buttons inside the car? Which works and which doesn’t?

My guess is you’ll have to open the doors and remove the inner panels to see what’s going on. The actuators may be faulty, or something may be physically preventing the lock mechanism from moving. Either way, the panels have to come off to test and verify.

This may be a simple fix, such as a bit of lubrication on the right part.

Sorry, I meant they won’t lock or unlock automatically… meaning, the ONLY way to unlock or lock them is by grabbing the lock ‘stick’ on the door with my hand and pulling it up, or pushing it down, like in the “good ole days”

Neither the remote nor the button in the car will lock or unlock those two doors.

I still think you, or your mechanic, is going to have to go inside the doors and watch what happens when someone works the button.

I’m assuming you’ve already checked the fuse.