2006 Ford Mustang -headlights shut off

I own a 2006 ford mustang (not gt) and the head lights turn on for about 1-2 min before shutting off. I turn them off and on but they keep shutting off and I dont know why l. Also the front and rear turn signals dont turn on and it’s not the bulb

Are these the stock factory lights, or have you changed them to LED or HID ?

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The car has automatic headlights. The headlight switch allows you to set this manually for for automatic on in darkness. So how do you have it set and does this happen when you are driving it into a garage? And did you change them the LEDs like @It_s_Me asked??

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Have someone check if water has leaked into the Smart Junction Box.

Problem 1: The windshield leak problem. These cars had a bad seal from the factory that allowed rain to drip down on the bottom of the windshield. The water leaks directly into the SJB box, and ruins it.


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Thanks everyone turns out it was the smart junction box. The last owner burned out the fuses and the wires with some faulty aftermarket led lightbulbs. We got the whole thing replaced works perfectly now. :+1: