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Headlights problems

I have a 2003 Grand Marquis with automatic lights that shut off at random times. Sometimes they are on then they just shut off by themselves. Sometimes they come back on if I hit a bump sometimes they do not.

Possibilities are:

  1. Wiring or connector fault.
  2. Defective LCM (Lighting Control Module).
  3. Defective headlight switch assembly.
  4. Defective light sensor assembly.
  5. Defective circuit breaker.

Dude! There’s a recall on the lighting control module cause of this problem on most panther cars, go to your nearest ford dealership and ask. IT SHOULD BE FREE. If they try to charge you go to a different one, the recall happened during 2005 and you just might not have gotten the letter in the mail… Like me ha! Was driving around for years before I even decided to check it out. The control module should be to the right under the steering wheel, if you’re lazy and don’t wanna good it just give it a little kick and I should pop back on. Cheers!

After 11 years I doubt if Mike still has the Grand Marquis .

You might be right, lol. Didn’t see the '09