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2000 Mustang Interior lights won't shut off

I was driving when I noticed my interior lights didn’t shut off. After which I pulled over shut my doors and trunk and the lights still wouldn’t turn off. I kept trying to shut them off, I also used my car clicker to lock my doors (which before would shut them off as soon as I hit the lock button) but they still stayed on. I am currently pulling the interior light fuse to shut them off so it doesn’t drain my battery.

I tried to look up solutions but so far nothing has worked.
*I tried to turn the nob that also controls my headlights but still nothing
*I pushed in the switchs and it doesn’t appear anything is wrong with them

One solution suggested that there was another fuse that controlled a timer but I’m not sure what fuse its talking about.

The problem is most likely due to the door switch in the driver’s side door. The contacts may be dirty and the switch is staying closed. The wiring to it in the door jam could be damaged also and making a connection to ground. You will have to get inside the door to disconnect the switch and see if that is the trouble. I would guess it is.

The timer module is another possible source for the trouble, as was suggested already but hopefully it is just the door switch causing the trouble.

This seems to be a common problem on many types of Ford vehicles, ever since Ford chose to move the door switch inside the door rather than keep it on the door jamb like real cars do.

Folks have reported success by spraying the switch (inside the door) with WD40. If that fails, you will have to get inside.

How can that switch be sprayed with WD-40 without getting inside the door, Steve? Replacing it is quite simple. Removing the door panel isn’t.

Thanks for your help, there is a junk yard with some destroyed Mustangs around the same year as mine. I’ll try one of their switchs or at least see if they are easy to get off and put back on.

If the switch is easy to access then remove the connection to it to verify the trouble is with it. The light should go out if that switch is causing the trouble.