Battery goes down

2006 freestyle battery goes down with lights off. with charger on battery ,lights go on with switch off. with the light switch on auto off, lightsgo on and go off, and on and off. whats the cause?

Could you maybe repost that and write out the problem a little more clearly?

You’re saying that even with the lights off (and presumably the car off), the battery drains. When you connect a charger to the battery, the headlights come on, even though the switch is off. And when you put the switch in automatic mode, the headlights flash on and off, correct?

If that’s right, I’d suspect either the headlight switch or the controller for the headlight system. Ford used to call that the Autolamp system.

If this car has a key pad on the door, it is probably leaking, but it seems new for that. The leak will short the switch and turn on the lights.