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2006 Pontiac Grand Prix -Headlights

Having an issue here with the headlights turning off while driving at night. Tried to turn off the car and turn it back on but still my headlights would not come on. Had to drive home with my High beams. But in the Morning the headlights would work again like normal. It been happening quite often now. Does any know what part to fix. I read at CarComplaints the computer board that is causing the issue, is that correct?

The most common cause for your complaint on a GM vehicle is a faulty combination switch.


The lights are protected by a circuit breaker, so when the circuit heats up, the breaker opens up just like at home. When it cools down again, it resets so the lights work again. There are separate breakers for high beam and low. Yeah could be faulty breaker, the multi-function switch etc. Checking a wiring diagram would help. When I had this problem, I disconnect the twilight sentinal and that took care of it.

That would be scary!

Driving down the road 50 MPH, the headlights go out for three seconds, come back on,



More like 60 on a two lane road and pitch black, and more like a minute, but who panics? Just flick to high beam.

Been there, done that. Dark unlit curvy mountain pass late at night.
Problem was that in a 1966 Mustang, the circuit breaker is in the headlight switch, which of course is before the floor mounted dimmer switch.

Power>>>>Headlight switch/circuit breaker>>>>Floor mounted dimmer switch>>>>Headlights

Michael Gallegos,

Although this ship has probably already sailed, for what it’s worth, GM had extended the warranty for 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix models covering the HDM (Headlight Driver Module) for 12 years or 150,000 miles.

“If the HDM is not operating correctly, the low-beam headlamps and daytime running lamps could fail to illuminate. This failure could be permanent or intermittent. This condition does not affect the high-beam headlamps, marker lamps, turn signals, or fog lamps.”