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Front end sounds like a rusty screen door!

HI, when I go over a bump or up a hill or whenever I stress the front end suspension, my front drivers side sounds like a door with a rusty hinge slowly opening.

I had the struts replaced about 6 months ago, the noise has been around for 2 months. I also did the hub and a few bearings last year. Any ideas? Thanks!

You need to have the front end checked.
This noise could be from a ball joint or a tie rod end that is in need of replacement–which is a safety issue. Another possibility is that you merely have dry bushings–which is just an annoyance. Unless it is put on a lift, nobody knows for sure.

ok, will do. Thanks!

It is probably a bushing repair that will not break the bank.

I had a similar problem that turned from an annoying squeal to a squeal and click. Turns out the sway bar link bushings were rotten and a couple missing. A $30 polyurethane kit fixed the problem and replaced all the bushings on the sway bar and end links.

This is likely a worn tie rod end or ball joint. Ford’s ball-and-socket suspension parts are designed to annoy the heck out of you when they begin to wear to the point of needing replacement. The part making the noise needs to be replaced. Some people will inject grease into the part with a needle injector. This will make the noise go away, but the part will still be bad, you will probably forget about it, and things could eventually get ugly from there. Do not allow someone to simply grease it and think it is okay because it is not.

Thanks. Bringing it in first thing. What a great website!

Get the suspension checked but I’ve noticed creaky sounds from the suspension tends to be stabilizer pins that have snapped. Not really dangerous but does support the suspension a little. Not worth risking it though so get it checked out.