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2006 Ford Explorer, Tire Sensor Fault

I just replaced the tires on my 2006 Explorer, XLT. Told technicians about tire sensors around rim and to be careful. After about 200 miles, tire sensor fault comes on dash. Tires are all good. Ford dealer says I have to pay $45 to reset. Say it aint so!! How can I reset without feeding the dealership $45 for something the technician told me would take 30 seconds. Any way to reset myself. I see nothing in owner’s manual.

I work at a tire shop and deal with these every day. First how many miles on you vehicle? The sensors are only supposed to last about 100k miles. Next if it was 200 miles after the work was done it may be that their inflation system has too much moisture in it(my shop uses nitrogen = 0 moisture). If there was moisture introduced into the tire sensor it wont work much longer. Anyway there is no way for you personally to reset the sensor. If you know someone that works at a shop may have one but they are expensive ($1200) and annoying to use.

GM made it easy for the Corvette,you entered program mode on the Driver information center then held a magnet next to the valve stem,horn honked and you went to the next indicated tire,possible something similar for Ford?

It depends on the manufacturer and the type of sensor they use. I have an 04 Infiniti G35 that auto relearns the sensors positioning without doing anything at all. But the Nissan Frontiers(same company that makes Infiniti)need a hand held sensor that plugs into the computer port in the car to learn te sensors. I know Ford uses atleast 2 different types of sensors.