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Tire sensor re-calibration

On a 2010 Ford Focus manual says after re-inflating tire recalibration will occur after driving over 20 MPH for over 2 minutes.

Dealership charged my daughter $30 to re-calibrate. Was it justified?

Yup. His time has value.

perhaps she should consider it the cost of having to learn that many answers can be found in the owner’s manual without having to go to the dealer. Learning this will save her money in the long run.

She did know, but they insisted they had to do it with a special machine. I feel as though they took advantage of her and did something unnecessary to get a little easy money out of her. They could have told her that the light will go out after a couple of minutes if that is true.

In that case she should have simply driven the 20 miles and see if it went out before going to the dealer.

In some systems there’ll also be a “reset” button that needs to be pressed. Again, the manual will explain this.

Thanks for your responses and help.

My question is…Is the manual correct?

Yup, assuming that the pressure has been restored to the same as it was before.

Considering that most dealers are around a hundred dollars an hour and better, I would believe so in the amount of time it had to be driven to recalibrate.

The problem was they insisted they had to use special equipment to calibrate the sensor after a tire repair and unfortunately in this case she trusted them. To me they are what give mechanics a bad name because of the actions of a few like this. They saw a young girl from out of state, figured they’d never see again anyways. Wait till they see their review.