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Caravan instrument cluster

97 Dodge Caravan. Automatic. 3.0.

The instrument cluster started experiencing intermittent failures a couple months ago. None of the gauges would work. I’d press the reset button on the odometer and the cluster would start working again. Today, even that doesn’t work. Fuses in the panel and distribution center are okay.

Does the odometer display NOBUS? Anyway, smack the dash with the heel of your hand. If it comes back, then the docking interface needs some tending to.

I suggest buying the FSM (factory service manual) just to allow you to do the repair after you find the TSB that addresses this. I don’t care what the FSM costs. If you’re a DIY type, it will save you thousands in avoided costs.

The odometer doesn’t display anything.

I just hit the dash. That got the cluster working again. For now. I’ll check on that docking interface.

LOL!! This was common with my jeeps. My wife was driving her 99 Sahara and the dash dropped out. She freaked. I had read about it on a jeep forum and said, “I will save you!!” and wrapped it with the heel of my hand. Everything started working again and she wondered how I figured it out. I said “I’m not telling”. “What you mean you’re not telling!!” “I mean I’m not telling. Magician’s secret”

Drove her nuts.