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2006 Dodge Durango - won't start after shutting off

2006 Durango won’t start after shutting it off. It’s not the fuel pump or cam sensor. It turns over, but won’t start.

Could be a number of things, your post isn’t real clear. Do you mean it won’t restart shortly after shutdown or you shut it down once and it will not restart ever?

Assuming you mean it won’t restart when warm, but runs pretty good otherwise, I might suspect the ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor. You may have two of them, one for the computer and a separate one for the computer.

Normally if the ECT sensor for the computer is bad, you will get a check engine light (MIL) with a code for coolant temperature too cold. But if the computer thinks the engine is cold when its not, the Fuel Injection will flood the engine and it won’t restart until it cools down.

Won’t start at all. Battery, fuel pump, cam sensor are all ok. Not showing any bad codes.

What good codes is it showing?

How have you verified Battery, fuel pump, and cam sensor?

Have you checked spark?

Those issues were verified by a mechanic. Maybe it needs to be checked by a dodge dealer. They might have more codes they are not giving access to mechanics

So what did the “mechanic” (and I use that word loosely) say the problem is?

He doesn’t know

Then you need a real mechanic , this should be easily solved.

First thing you do is check the big three. Spark, fuel, compression. If you have all three, then it has to do with amount or timing.