Engine stops intermittently

I have had ignition coils and the crank sensor replaced but my 2000 Dodge Durango’s engine stops for no apparent reason on low and high speeds. The odometer will show “no bus” and the engine light goes on. I have managed to re-start the engine after 5 or 10 minutes to get it to the shop. But, mechanics say the computer isn’t throwing any codes and they can’t re-create the failure.

The crank sensor was changed yesterday. It seems to run better and it has not stopped, but the engine light did flash briefly this morning and I felt some power loss before it righted itself. If this latest repair doesn’t work, I’m looking at replacing the car’s computer. Any comments or ideas are appreciated.

How many miles on the Durango? Could the fuel pump be weak or the fuel filter be too clogged?

108,000 miles. The fuel system was checked out and was okay.

I suspect the trouble may be due to a bad power connection, possibly to the PCM module. I would check the power to it when this trouble happens again. It may be a good thing to check the power getting to the fuses also to make sure power is getting to them. The trouble may also be with the communications bus wiring, maybe a loose connection. What ever it is I suspect the trouble is due to just a faulty connection somewhere, not a bad module.