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2006 Dodge Charger- electrical problem

I have a 2006 Dodge Charger that has a problem with the headlights and brake lights. When the brake light indicator inside the car comes on by itself, the headlights shut off and the heater will not shut off when its on and when this happens, then the signal lights blink real fast like a bulb is blown. This has been happening often. I haven’t been able to drive at night. Checked with my mechanic and he couldn.t figure it out. Please help. Thank you, Sid Smith

First, I strongly suggest that you edit your post in order to delete your phone number!

My best guess is that this assortment of symptoms is the result of a malfunctioning Body Control Module.
A replacement BCM could be sourced from an auto salvage place (aka junk yard), rather than paying Chrysler for a brand new part.

FYI - I took out the phone number, Sid…VDC’s right.

Sounds like a problem with the front control module. Someone familiar with these cars should have no problem identifing the problem.

Turn on the headlights and apply pressure to the silver colored box attached to the under hood fuse box. Also wiggle the connectors, see if you can replicate the problem.

Have your mechanic use his scan tool to access the body control systems on your car. This should be a simple problem for him to figure out. All he needs is a wiring diagram and a scan tool. Like Nevada says, the FCM would be the most likely fault.

I would also suggest a test of the voltage while it is happening. Low voltage can make odd things happen with the electronics.

Have you replaced the battery? Are the connections clean and tight are all the grounds clean and tight? @98caddy is right that the voltages need to be checked and the charging system can be checked for free at Advance or Autozone. Once that is all good the BCM needs to be scanned.

I used to understand auto electrical systems very well. Since the advent of body control modules I don’t understand them at all. I will never understand the advantage of using a body control module that cost many hundred dollars over a few dollar flasher unit(s) to control turn and hazard lights

The advantage of these body control modules . . . theoretically, at least . . . is that one module can control many components, versus the old fashioned way with 50 switches, 50 relays, and 50 miles of wiring

That’s how I understand the logic