2006 Honda Odyssey - Turn signals quit

I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring . Seemingly every 3 to 4 weeks , both turn signals stop working. The 4 way flashers operate just fine. All the fuses checked out good. This last episode the lift gate failed, the power door lock failed , high beams failed,the wiper blade speed was reduced to fast, also the key in warning and open door welcome on cluster panel were all not working. Please help shed some light here. Thank you.

There is a computer that controls all of this. Some carmakers call it a body control module BCM. Not something we see a lot from Hondas but here you are.

Find a good independent repair shop and tell them what you told us. You might have to go to the dealer for this but try an independent first.


An electrical schematic diagram will show if these functions have some place in common (a connector, a ground, a module, etc.)

One place in common is the battery - is it in good condition with good clean secure connections, including its ground cable? Around 4 years is often about time for a new battery, in my experience.


Ask shop to verify battery & charging system are functioning properly. Low voltages confuse computers.

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That’s funny. Computers run on low voltages.

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A steady voltage that the computer was designed for is a good thing. An intermittently variable or a too-low voltage is not.

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Here is a good read for you sir…

I’m sure there are better ones but I’m too lazy to look them up…