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2006 Dodge Caravan 110,00 miles

I drove my car to the store and when I got back in to go home the car would not start. The engine acts like its going to start but doesn’t stay on, it dies right away. My husband thought it was the fuel pump and replaced it. It started up right away and seemed the problem was solved. Today I drove it this morning and then again a few hours later. Now it won’t start again. Same thing, acts like its going to start but the engine just dies. Any thoughts???

Did The “Check Engine” Light Illuminate And Stay On ? Does It Actually Run Until You Let Go Of The Key While Starting It Or Does It Just Crank Over And Sputter Unevenly A Bit ?


Can he do a fuel pressure test. We just went through this with our 2000, one fuel pump was bad, so can happen. But before throwing more parts at it I will check the fuel pressure.

the check engine light did not come on, but the airbag light has been on and sometimes stays on but not all the time. the car does not run. we are working on it right now. we hear the fuel pump, we’re stumped.

thanks, will try to test the fuel pressure

I would check for spark first, then check for fuel by spraying a little starting fluid in while someone is trying to start it.

However before even considering that I would drag out the owner’s manual and turn to the maintenance section and make sure that you have done all the maintenance due by 110,000 miles. Does that Carvan have a timing belt or chain? If belt you might want to check that.

the new fuel line that was put in with the new fuel pump had a hole in it. it has been replaced and is working fine…hopefully.

Thanks you to everyone that replied!