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2000 Dodge Caravan doesn't start

Our Caravan does not start, it will roll over but don’t know how to see if it has spark or fuel or whatever else it might be. Any suggestions will be helpful.

Can you hear the fuel pump running when the key is turned to “ON?”

Can you smell gas as you try to start the engine?

Locate the emergency fuel pump shut-off (consult owner’s manual for location) and make sure it has not been tripped.

Also check the fuses and make sure the fuel pump has power.

When was the last time your van started?

Was last started this morning. In the last couple of weeks we had the same problem but after sitting awhile it took right off. I have not checked for fuel pump noise but will do that.

First, follow the advice of mcparadise in terms of checking the basics for the fuel pump.

If you want to check for spark and fuel next time, go to an auto parts store. Buy either and x-tra spark plug for the van or a spark tester (if you don’t fuss with cars much the tester will be easier), and a can of starter fluid. The next time it won’t start pull one spark plug wire, and plug in the spare plug or tester - crank and look for spark. If you have spark, spray some starter fluid into the intake. If it then runs for a few seconds and dies, the problem is likely fuel delivery.