2006 dodge 1500 SLT four door pickup truck, windshield wiper problems

The wipers occasionally do not work at all and are prone to change speed or quit at random. Very hazzardous in the rain at night.The dealer wants $400 to replace the multi function switch and $1000 to replace the body module control. Any suggestions on something that might not require refinancing the truck, to fix the wipers??

Which One ? Switch Or Module ?
I Really Doubt It’s Both And Maybe It’s Neither One.

That is an easy way to fix problems, just replace everything until it works, but that gets a little expensive. What if the dealer orders the parts and installs them and the problem continues ?

These type problems can be caused by several things. What did the dealer do to diagnose this ? Was the BCM ( body control mudule ) checked for codes ? Specifically what codes were set ? Are they indicated on your Repair Order receipt ?

Sometimes just unplugging connectors (like one at the BCM and Multifunction Switch) and plugging them back in restores a faulty connection. Dielectric grease can prevent corrosion from coming back. Any water leaks under dash ?

I’d be tempted to see if another relay in the vehicle is identical to the w/wiper relay and when it acts up, I’d swap them (the vehicle may have to stay parked until swapped back). Also, I’d try adjusting the steering wheel up and down ( tilt wheel ? ) to see if that changes anything. Could be a broken/pinched wire in there, perhaps.

Intermittent problems are very difficult. One minute something is broken. The next minute nothing is broken.

You could try calling several large, high volume Dodge dealers and ask to speak directly to the Service Manager/Director (not an advisor) and explain the situation. Sometimes the big dealers see common problems that other dealers seldom get. Also, they could have employees that are the sharper knif in the drawer if you know what I mean.


As I Suspected, Your’s Is Not The Only Ram Truck With Wiper Issues. Try Searching The Web.


Solutions range from cleaning paint off a ground wire under the hood to replacing the TIPM ( Totally Integrated Power Module ). I still think you can find a Guru at a larger dealer familiar with the problem and the solution.

Me, I always tend to try the easiest, cheapest things first and then go from there.

Just for the record, does the truck have any electrical accessories that have been added . . . radio gear, lights anywhere, snow plow, trailer wiring, etcetera ?


Has anyone suggested testing/replacing the wiper motor instead of everything else?

"Has anyone suggested testing/replacing the wiper motor instead of everything else?"
I Don’t Believe Anyone Has. Perhaps Somebody Will, Soon.


Thanks to all for the suggestions and help. My friendly local mechanic ordered a factory replacement multifunction switch and after a long …back order status…it arrived , then he opened up the covers on the steering wheel and plugged it in and it worked just like the old one… which was now working perfectly except a bit slow in the fastest mode. He played around with things for a day or two and nothing malfunctioned at all…He send the replacement back and did not charge me. He suggested that I take it to the dealer if it malfunctions again. I made him take a few bucks anyway, because he work diligently on it. Now I will never trust this rig in the rain…