Hi beam/ low beam and now windshield wipers not working

91 Dodge, for ages when switching between high and low beams the lights go out until I keep clicking to get it back to low. And just recently while I can hear some switch happening when I turn my wind shield wipers on, they don’t come on.
I checked the fuse and took a stab in the dark by replacing the motor, and still no improvement.

The problem is most likely with the combination switch.




I had a problem with the multi function switch on my 06 dodge truck…wipers would quit or not come on… after a ton of checking fuses, wires, computer controller…my mechanic unplugged the switch in the steering column and replugged it back in . …and everything has worked perfectly after that.

As Mr Tester said…replace the combination switch and your problem will go away.


+1 more. I had to replace the multi-function switch on my '93 Ford last year. The old one literally fell apart while I was taking it out.

Concur, start w/the multi-function switch. If that doesn’t solve these problems there may be a relay failing.

Hello Shakey…I had a similar problem with my 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT truck… The wipers would quit randomly and only work when I pushed the wash function. I had a bad time one night in a rain storm on a crowded freeway.Very scarey…
My mechanic ordered a new Multi-function switch and pulled the old one. He said he cleaned the old one’s terminals and plugged it back in just to test it for bad connections. It worked perfectly then…and ever since then…no problems. He sent the new one back and charged me $20. Might not hurt to try this??

Quite possible they have fixed the problem by now or given up.