2006 Chrysler Pacifica - Clunks

I bought this car in August of 2018 and neither the seller nor the mechanic are not in the car when I first drive it and they have no suggestion to fix after my explanation to them. When I drive the car for the first time each day, I will hear a clunk below me. That is the only time this happens. That concerns me. Also, this problem was identified by you sometime after August and published in the San Diego Union Tribune. I cut it out and put it in the side pocket door of my car so I would have it when I next went to my mechanic. My car is also used by my son and recently that article disappeared from my car. I am frustrated and annoyed but decided to email you to see if it could be found in your archives. I don’t remember the item they identified in the engine as I read it months ago, but it also said gas mileage was effected. Can you PLEASE help me. This is not normal and I hear and notice that clunk each time I start and drive the car for the first time every day! It worries me. Thank you very, very much. Gerry

I doubt if this will be seen by Ray but contact your newspaper for the article. Also leave the vehicle with the shop and they will hear the noise when they start it in the morning . The seller does not have a suggestion after this much time because they sold you a used vehicle and they are done with it.

If it goes away after a few minute driving,I suspect the front rotors to be coated with a light film of rust in the morning.Applying the brakes a few times usually clean the surface of the rotors and the noise will stop. Humidity in the air,rainy days etc is responsable for this.Its not dangerous.

Anytime I hear someone complain about any kind of noise from a Pacifica, I tell them to have the engine cradle inspected for rust.


We have no idea where the OP live or if the engine cradle was ever exposed to road salt.

Sway bar bushings are where I’d look. I’ve replaced them a couple times in my Chrysler vans over the years. They seem to sound more clunky early in the ride, then quiet down.

So let me get this straight?

The rotors can rust, but the cradle can’t?

Your logic makes absolutely no sense!